July 16, 2014 #GlendaPH

I woke up the usual time, took a bath and dressed up. This was despite the loud rumblings of the wind and the heavy rains outside.

I even tried to still go to work until finally my boss told us were on BCP – Business Continuity Plan. Great! 😀

Souris and I movie marathon-ed The Princess Diaries 1 and 2 until lunch time.

Around 1:30 PM, when the rains and winds had calmed I saw 2 missed calls from my phone. It was from my boss and I knew I had to be ready. I was eventually asked to go to the office and make sure the work that we routed from our offshore team  is fine and nothing gets left behind from the day’s work.

I arrived around 2 PM and stayed until 6:30 -ish in the evening. My colleague Ann followed as well around quarter to 5, I guess??? We also asked her to buy us take outs 😀

I went home together with Ann and we saw how bad the storm Glenda was with Philippines. A lot of people lost their power supply. Many got devastated to the fact that a lot of Filipinos were still trying to get back up from the Yolanda Super Typhoon.

I am happy that Filipinos haven’t lost their sense of strength and happiness in their core. We will be able to overcome this.

These are the reasons why I don’t complain a lot anymore, just think about how hard other people are suffering now from your situation.

My heart goes out to all the Yolanda victims who are all trying to make their lives better past the tragedy, the Glenda victims recently devastated and the family and friends of the MH17 and MH370 flights.

May we all have the inner peace we want for our hearts. v two_hearts innocent

On the lighter note, when I got home Souris tried to braid my hair. She has no idea how to, so I had to give her instructions. The photos looked well but it sure damn hurt my head when she was doing it 😦 Oh well! for the love of… 🙂

PicMonkey Collage


Afterwards, I asked her if she wanted anything to eat because I was going out to the kitchen to make tea. She answered tepidly that she wanted a burger – tepidly because she knew it was impossible for me to get a burger at that time of the time… until LIGHT BULB!

I remembered I wasn’t able to eat my cheeseburger from the take out I asked Ann to buy. She was baffled with the chances of her craving for something that I actually have in my bag which I hadn’t at all mentioned to her. I was like a genie making a wish come true while taking the burger out of my bag.



Whatever you asked for, god has already provided.




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