The Carbonara Craving Mission


Since last week Souris has been craving to eat carbonara. I told her I could buy some but she said she’ll be patient and wait for the weekend and I could cook it for her. She’s malambing like that.

As for me, I am not much of a cook. I know how to eat a lot but cooking’s not so much of my style. I cook once in awhile provided I have steps to follow.

I remember the first meal I cooked for her was my favorite tofu dish and she loved it!  yum That wasn’t so hard because I’ve been cooking it ever since I could remember. I love tofu!

Friday 11th July

After successfully making the birthday video, I was now relieved and weekend-ready!

I decided to secretly go to the grocery store and buy the ingredients and surprise her on Saturday morning. Good enough I was able to get most of the ingredients and just made some changes because some stuff weren’t available, it was just a local grocery store after all.

I bought cheap ones because honestly, I don’t want to waste money on something I will not be able to cook very well weary

I got this recipe as reference.

☑ Pasta (Fusili) 500 grams

☑ 1 can of evaporated creamer (instead of evaporated milk and the creamed mushroom soup)

☑ 250 ml all purpose cream

☑ 200 grams sweet ham

☑ 200 grams bacon

☑ 1 can sliced mushrooms

☑ 1 head garlic, minced

☑ 1 onion, minced

☑ ground pepper

☑ olive oil

☑ grated Parmesan Cheese

When I came home she had no idea I already had the ingredients. I told her about it when we were already about to sleep and she was happy and excited.

Saturday 12th July

We woke up 4am to go to Richmonde Hotel in Ortigas to meet up with Sani and her sister. I recommended Sani to her sister to do her make up for her friend’s wedding. Afterwards, we went home. Rested then cooked the carbonara. Then, we went to my derma to have my check up. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEENKKKKK! Expectation overx

Now, let’s move on to reality.

I woke up about quarter to 10 AM. I forgot all about our plan etc and immediately remembered to cook the pasta for her. I started prepping up.

Her Uncle told me her sister kept calling him around 4:30 AM asking him to wake us up. Hahaha

Eventually, Souris woke up as well. She accompanied me in prepping up BUT I did all the work. I didn’t want her to help. I want to learn and do it all by myself. Hahaha


I basically went hammed, feeling like a chef when I was doing the pasta sauce. I didn’t measure. Everything was with my mere instincts. I had her taste it and something amazing happened.

She said it was super delicious!!! Not to brag, but she kept saying that it was the best carbonara she ever tasted and that the taste was what she was exactly looking for. Well, well, I’m not a little girl anymore and I know sometimes people do that just to make someone feel better…

I never tasted it until I’ve plated my pasta. I went inside the room first and secretly tasted it myself. My palate suddenly livened up and the taste burst inside my mouth! I hurriedly ran to her and told her I couldn’t believe it myself! IT WAS INDEED DELICIOUS!!!

IMG00440-20140712-0958 IMG1405142700621

She literally ate it all day long! She had it for brunch, snack and dinner. I cannot believe it myself that I did something tasty like that! It was already night time and I kept telling her it was mere luck.

Whatever that is, my mission is ACCOMPLISHED!





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