July 13, 2014

We got  woken up around 2 AM, it was Souris’ sister who just got home from the wedding party that happened yesterday.

She was exhausted. She said she had to spend the night with us because she got locked out at their house in Karangalan and it was useless to shout because nobody would hear it anyway. We exchanged stories for a few minutes then went back to sleep.

I woke up a few minutes earlier than the two of them. Then we heard her grandma and grandpa entered the house, then his uncles came in… suddenly the house became crowded with her clan I felt like an alien!

She came back to the room and told me it’s best I visit Ysobel for now because it seems everyone’s going to be at the house soon to discuss the ongoing case they have with their lands at Bohol.

I even got to see her dad when we were on our way out. She texted me when I got home saying that her dad asked if I found her dad good looking hahaha. Yes, her dad is a funny guy!

When I got home, I spent time with my sisters and Ysobel.

Souris met me up around 5 PM so she could borrow our bike and come along with me as I walk Ysobel at the plaza. She was sweet enough to bring something for Mama – cassava cake. How thoughtful! +1000 points!

It was fun and became an exercise as well 🙂


When we got home, Souris ended up enjoying watching the documentaries and spending some more time with my sisters and Ysobel. We ended up going home around 11 PM already!

I even got the chance to meet Kiko after a long time! He was with my brother when they came home. They just passed by the house to get some things then leave again to visit Justine who happens to have a swollen foot due to a motorcycle accident!


Tiring but fun day! 😀




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