The Birthday Video Mission


It was last week when I was approached by my office mate and good friend Ate Carla regarding his husband’s upcoming birthday – July 10.

They were recently wed last April 25, which yours truly, was the host at the reception party.

She asked a favor if I could help out in making a birthday video greeting for his husband who’s at California as of the moment.

Carla advised that she will be collating videos and giving it all to me on Monday 7th July allowing me to have 4 days to work on it.

I said yes for reasons:

1) Editing/making a video is something I haven’t done for awhile which I really used to enjoy doing back in college.

2) It’s nice to be part of someone’s happiness.

3) It’s the only thing that she could give out to someone miles away; something priceless.

4) She really trusted me that I can do this as good as it can get.

So… yeah and she was really close to me. How can someone say no to that?! I witnessed their love story! 😀

Monday 7th July

She was able to give me the videos but not all of it.

Tuesday 8th July

She was able to give me the other videos to be added.

She was already asking If I was able to start it. Well, as for her perspective… she actually gave me the video 4 days earlier because she thought something like that was hard to work on. I told her yes… so she wouldn’t worry but I haven’t actually even opened any of the files she gave me. HAHAHA 🙂 I know… bad!

The night I came home, I downloaded a video editing program (Souris helped me out because I was tired from work and downloading was hell so slooooow). I don’t have the resources anymore. I wasn’t doing it anymore nor was I in school to do such projects etc. Souris was kind enough to lend me her laptop instead of me going home to do it.

Wednesday 9th July

The video was done! The video was great, until I found out that the program we got was only for trial version!!! I was going crazy by then. You see you can’t export a video when it’s only on trial. It was getting late and I have work the nest day, so Souris, my ever knight in shining armor, said that she’ll figure it out and for me to sleep for awhile. I told her to make sure to wake me up once it is done.

She did woke up me only to say it isn’t possible to convert an MVP to an MPEG file. We searched for programs etc, forums… all of it! Nothing!!!

I was about to cry, I was frustrated. Souris was even starting to say things like why should I worry about such things, or why should I trouble myself… It was a big deal for me because it’s helping someone out to make her someone special happy!

I ended up sleeping around 2AM which was already…

Thursday 10th July

Woke up early to get to work early and show it to Ate Carla. I was super sleepy 😦

When I showed it to her, she loved it! 🙂 She was happy but we still got a problem… how to export it.

You see, we can’t download the premium version because it has viruses being blocked by the laptop so I ended up teaching Ate Carla how to download the premium version on her own (can’t take the risk on a borrowed laptop) and export it and upload it.




Friday 11th July

I asked how Ate Carla did it and she said she uploaded the video on Youtube and sent the link to his husband saying to check it out because it was a nice video. The hubby said that he was really touched by it 😀

Yes, definitely A HAPPY BEAR ME 😀

To see the video, click here.


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