July 6, 2014

We woke up early again 😀 Yes, weekends doesn’t make much difference with weekdays because of the errands!

So we woke up early to go to Tiendesitas and buy Ysobel’s necessities. I was already able to buy her sawdust but a lot of things were still needed:

☑ Sawdust

☐ Dogfood

☐ Recommend soap by her vet

☐ Chew Toys

☐ HeartGard (she’s on her 3rd now)

☐ Frontline Plus (the pipet one- prevention is better than cure- I have been putting it on her once a month for 4 months now)

☐ Vitamins

Before we actually headed out to the stores, we passed by Jollibee for me to eat some macaroni soup because my teeth weren’t still suitable for eating solid food. She then ate some Potato Corner fries and Fruitas Ice cream.

And that’s when we went to buy Ysobel’s stuff. Souris stayed by the rocking chair instead of going inside the pet village, she’s very sensitive with odour.

Tiendesitas (Photo not mine)

Tiendesitas (Photo not mine)

Pet Village (Photo not mine)

Pet Village (Photo not mine)

Waiting sheds/chairs at Tiende (Photo not mine)

Waiting sheds/chairs at Tiende (Photo not mine)

After buying Ysobel’s items, I saw Souris  absentmindedly rocking her chair away, we stayed for 20 more minutes like that. She said she loves it because it lessens the pain on her dysmenorrhea. We window shopped for awhile then went home super tired.

We slept for a couple of hours. We even had a few minutes to fight over something hahaha! It was my fault though. 😦 Pikon Talo

Anyway, by the time we went out again, it was to first meet my sissy and treat her at Mcdonald’s. Yes, the girl’s got simple joys.

Lastly, we set of to Ado’s Panciteria and bought Pancit Bihon for my mom.

When we got home, ofcourse I was welcomed joyfully by Ysobel! She liked her chew toy so much 😀 I fed her as well. We stayed there for a few hours and went home feeling very accomplished for the weekend.

We were able to do lots of things and I was really happy we were very productive 😀


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