July 5, 2014

Saturday was errands day!

I woke up early to get my braces adjusted then went to Landmark to buy Ysobel’s sawdust. I also ticked off some items in my grocery list.

Before buying the items, we decided to eat first. I was trying to channel a resto-kinda-vibe place to eat but Souris was going for Asian cuisines at the food court. She ordered Razon’s Pancit Luglog and some Henlin siomai.

My view while waiting for Souris as she orders her food.

My view while waiting for Souris as she orders her food.


She's been craving for this food... look at her so cute!

She’s been craving for this food… look at her so cute!

Afterwards we went to Quickly, she wanted me to take a sip of the drink and kept saying it was really good. I enjoyed it actually hahaha 😀


We then went to Dulcinea because I was craving for something sweet. I was not in the mood to eat anything at all because my teeth were aching and sensitive from the adjustment. I couldn’t take a bite of anything! 😦

We only ordered Churros, we didn’t even finished it. IMG00412-20140705-1410 IMG00413-20140705-1410 IMG00414-20140705-1410 IMG00415-20140705-1411

After Dulcinea, that was when we actually did our errands. We then realized we were wearing the same color combination with our clothes unknowingly (SO CHEESY!!!!) 😀


PicMonkey Collage1

It wasn’t tiring getting the grocery done but it was hell tiring going home.

Souris wasn’t aware of the new system that Makati was implementing regarding the “Loading” and “Unloading” zones so she suggested we commute going home instead of taking a cab.

Only to find out we had to walk 750 miles from Rustan’s to Ayala triangle carrying all our paper bags and the worst part was that the 3kgs of sawdust that I bought for Ysobel was already thawing its way through the paper bag. It was a very challenging experience. I was worried because I know Souris was already having a hard time but still wants to make sure I am okay.

When we got home, I had to get out again the minute I placed the groceries down because I was supposed to meet Jacob (my packmate) and get our customized tees for the Pasig City Siberian Husky Club by 5PM at the plaza. I ended up seeing him by 5:30PM.

We rested for just a few minutes, took a bath, prepped up and then went out again for the Nth time to go to the CCF center, attended church and met Souris’ sister.

I really like attending CCF because it is enlightening me with my perspective in life and guiding how I should be as a person. It makes me a better me.

After church I had dinner with Souris, her sister and their guy friend Noy. We recommended to eat at Kapitolyo’s Ramen Cool and I am happy they loved it! After dinner we had ice cream for dessert at MadMark’s, Souris’ sister went to the other shop that sells Avocado cake which is also good! 😀

IMG00428-20140705-2217 IMG00429-20140705-2220

Half baked Madagascar

One scoop each of Half baked Madagascar and Strawberry.


Two scoops of Banoreo (Banana and Oreo) for Noy

We talked through the night, sharing stories and interests. It was a really fine night! We went home around midnight. 😀

How was your Saturday?



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