June 27, 2014

FRIDAY!!! Eastwood City Mall – St. Francis Square Mall – SM Megamall ~ Mall Hopping In The Morning kind of day! (Unplanned)

After our Nuvali trip yesterday. I thought I was going to sleep all day, but… I woke up around 8 AM. Souris woke up not so long afterwards.

While she was sleeping, I was planning to leave her for awhile and surprise her with the Zark’s Burger I was meaning to treat her after I en-cash a cheque. But we ended up going together. We went without taking a bath, just putting on our sweaters and off we go. (Not so proud of that, but we are practical or really just lazy to take a bath!) πŸ˜€

We went to Citibank first which was the main point why we had to go to Eastwood City Mall.

Afterwards we roamed around searching for the Zark’s Burger branch and ended up seeing the Ice cream and Desserts Fair 2014. I was really happy and Souris knows that… I wouldn’t put my location in twitter at The Chocolate Factory if I wasn’t a fan of sweets πŸ™‚

There were all sorts of sweets… macaroons, popsicles, ice creams, puddings, cup cakes, cakes, chocolates etc… It was a piece of heaven!




Souris got Picole in Strawberry Yogurt flavor.

Souris got Picole in Strawberry Yogurt flavor.










Customized chocolate wrappers.

Customized chocolate wrappers.




I got Mio Gelaati in Mint Fudge flavor.

PicMonkey Collageasdfg


PicMonkey Collage

Souris suddenly livened up when she saw a Mini Cooper in showcase just behind the fair. Which resulted to this photos…





We then decided to sit down for awhile in the comfy chairs beside the Mini Coopers and devour our Ice Creams! πŸ˜€

IMG00362-20140627-1227 IMG00360-20140627-1220


We then went out to continue our search for the Zark’s Burger branch, it was a sunny day and we were glad it wasn’t like yesterday anymore πŸ™‚

IMG00363-20140627-1228 IMG00364-20140627-1229


We did manage to find Zark’s but since we were still full it wasn’t that enticing to us anymore. Souris craved for something else and I did too!

So we ended up taking a cab to St. Francis Square to buy some DVD’s first then afterwards went to SM Megamall’s hypermarket to buy bacon (yep, all along that was what she craved for) and I on the other hand went out again after we got home to buy myself a Chicken-Spaghetti meal at Jollibee.

Yes, through our elaborate food trips, we still go back to our simple taste buds. πŸ˜€

How was your Friday? πŸ˜€

Always smile!




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