June 23, 2014

Since I was sleeping all day of Sunday, of course I was up all Sunday night  as a price! 😦

A very bad thing since it’ll be Monday that next morning. Yes, we’re getting good at the days of the week and how to act with each day of it.

It’s naturally normal for me to be the young, wild  and free on a Friday night until Saturday coz I know I still got a day to recover but this??? Awake all night on a Sunday???

Consequence: June 23, 2014 Monday is pure auto-pilot-mode-Mariel at work.

I was VERY sleepy but I know I had to be a professional and perform at work. I couldn’t be the bubbly me and laugh because I didn’t have much energy to waste on that or else I’ll find myself unconsciously falling asleep. 😦

When I finally got home, I opened the laptop to watch movies and relax, in between watching not realizing I was already half asleep. Changed from about 4 -5 movies and finally Souris came home. And magically that un-comfy feeling of not being able to sleep soundly all went away (seriously) when she was already by my side. I slept throughout the night. Magic 😀 …. Love! 🙂


How was your Monday?

Always SMILE 🙂


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