June 19, 2014

As what I have shared on my previous post, I have been buying food for Souris for her to eat as on-the-go breakfast. She rarely gets to eat because she wakes up late.

Recently, I also added some feel-good letters for her to read in the morning. Little did I know she also tried to return the favor by buying me something to eat for my breakfast.

I usually buy her breakfast snacks at a nearby grocery store, she always liked the Jungle Juice sold there because it reminds her back in the days when we were in grade school and we use to bring that drink on field trips. We are all a kid at heart anyway!

It is convenient and easily packed with a straw already built into it. I wasn’t able to buy her Jungle Juice lately because they didn’t have any of the mango flavor anymore.

To my surprise, there was only one left when I went there after work BUT it was Apple flavored, not much her preference. So I passed and bought her a chocolate drink instead.

When she got home which was about 3 hours after me, she said with all smiles that she has a surprise for me… when I opened the paper bag I laughed and saw this:


The last Jungle Juice – Apple flavored I didn’t buy for her on the same grocery store.

So there goes the saying “If it’s meant to be, it will be.” 😀 Hahaha

How was your Thursday?

Always smile 🙂


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