June 9 -11, 2014

Since Monday, my colleagues and I have been really busy decorating our pod. It’s actually the first time we ever had this activity in the office. Usually they have people to design our workplace for events and stuff.

Honestly, I really enjoyed it! Hahaha I got to draw a lot and color and design.

They even called me the “Art Angel” based on a local TV show previously aired here in the Philippines because of the things I was able to drew.

We basically lack time but we really enjoyed the outcome.

All of the things that you’ll see are drawn and thought of by me. My teammates helped by collaborating my drawings with the theme designs.

Hmm.. basically I drew and color, they do the cut outs and embellishment etc etc.

As you enter the office... This was made the management not included in our mini contest.

As you enter the office… This was made the management not included in our mini contest.

Team 1: (Bikini Bottom)


Team 2: (Hawaii – Tiki Bar) My team 🙂


I drew each drink derived with my colleague’s names.

IMG00053-20140612-0839 IMG00054-20140612-0839 IMG00057-20140612-0840 IMG00056-20140612-0840 IMG00059-20140612-0840 IMG00055-20140612-0839


Team 3: (Hawaii – By the beach camping)

IMG00067-20140612-1240 IMG00068-20140612-1240


That’s all for now 🙂

I hope you enjoyed it!


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