April 5, 2014 – The Throwback Thursday Argument

It started weeks ago, I have been mentioning to Souris that I already miss our friends and that I would like to spend time with them specially Ate Ew.

(Ate in English is Older Sister) (Also Ew is just her nickname, don’t bother that it sounds stinky, she is pretty.)

And so, as I was looking through some old pictures on my google drive. I saw a picture dated 2010. It was a jump shot that we took in an alley of one my co-councilor’s front house. It was, as I remember, in the wee hours.

I was only 15 back then, the youngest in your youth organization and they meant the world to me. They were my idols, caretakers, bullies and friends all rolled into one. We’re still friends up until now… 7 years since we became SK’s.

(Sangguniang Kabataan – (“youth council” in English), commonly known as SK, was a youth council in each barangay in the Philippines. The council represented teenagers from 15 to 17 years old who have resided in their barangay for at least six months and registered to vote. It was the local youth legislature in the village and therefore led the local youth program and projects of the government. )

And so, I wanted to upload that picture and I did for throwback Thursday. I tagged all of my SK co-councilors. But Ate Ew, in specific kept bashing me with tweets to have it deleted. I thought it was unfair. I was hurt and sad because the point it to reminisce and yet all she thinks is that the picture’s ugly.

Being all good, I deleted it anyway even if it’s actually my Facebook page, I didn’t want to upset her any further.  And like the movie Frozen’s song, I… let it go.

After shift, Souris was kind enough to buy the groceries because I was going home late.

We had milkfish steak for dinner, yum yum!!!!

Thank you for reading. And yes, since you read all of it. Here’s the picture that got deleted for Throwback Thursday:



For keeps 🙂 Hahaha


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