June 2, 2014 – Ninja Moves


It’s my first day on my new schedule 9AM to 6PM which I honestly do not prefer. Six o’clock is the midst of rush hour. Heavy traffic makes my head ache, who doesn’t?!

So it’s me calling my “Ninja Moves” again.

Ninja Moves: ˈ/ninjə/ mo͞ovs/ verb

a person who excels in a particular skill or activity

(in my case) incredibly fast, seamless, unnoticed moves in going out of the office by EXACTLY end shift time.

I basically developed this ability whenever I don’t like my schedule, case in point, the heavy traffic/ rush hour.

You usually know you’ve done a successful ninja move if by the next day you’re going to be told “Didn’t even notice you were already gone yesterday!” or “(Enter end shift time here) and poof! You’re gone dude!”

Tagalog: “Ni diko man lang namalayan wala kana kahapon!” o kaya “(Ilagay oras ng uwian dito) at poof! Wala kana agad pare!”

So basically that’s going to be me till the end of June.

And yeah, I cooked my favorite dish when I got home. Tofu! ❤





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