May 26, 2014

It has been weeks, since I last tried writing here. And the fact that I am able to check in on my wordpress account again is actually good.

For weeks, I haven’t even dared go to this website because of the lost I recently had… it is an intangible thing that I could never get back. Which is basically opportunity. But I won’t go into details anymore.

The best thing about it now is that I have slowly but surely moved on but never can I leave behind the passion for writing.

I was great in the past weeks that I hadn’t been writing, until Souris phone got accidentally left behind and lost at Starbucks Podium. We rarely post our pictures and other funny events we have and now it’s all gone because I haven’t been writing it down here as well.

It had sparked me to make sure everyday counts to be shared in my wordpress account.

Yesterday was a good day, although we had some technical problems in the office and it rained right when we were about to go home I was lucky enough to get home safely and FAST! 🙂

And when Souris got home she surprised me with a red velvet cupcake! Such a sweetie.



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