April 5, 2014


We’ve always planned to go Bowling and Ice Skating since Mega Mall had expanded their facilities but never really had the push to do it. Sometimes we end up doing something else.

But this weekend as I bathed Noah (4 yr old Shih Tzu), I heard Tito call upon Souris and advised that she has a guest. She sounded surprised and delighted at the same time to see that person.

After bathing Noah and drying him up, I went to the room and saw Col with 3 big bags on the floor. Etc Etc Blah Blah Blah…

Col is still young and I know as long as she listens and keeps true to her heart, she’ll figure her problem out.

It’s funny because the things that older people advise you when you were young seems vague or insignificant back then, we seem to rush or be impatient or tend to sulk but it’s funny now that I am the “older” one giving advise for “the right thing to do”. *Smile*

I want her to not feel that she’s been left out and want her to join the right crowd. I hope she makes the right decision because I like her.

Anyway, so we went out and ended up Bowling then staying awhile at Starbucks.

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Who's the loser?!?!? AHAHAHA

Who’s the loser?!?!? AHAHAHA

When we got home we watched a little bit of HIMYM then slept happily.


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