April 2, 2014

Mr. Ed: The person who gave me an opportunity…

Haven’t actually posted anything for quite some time now.

I’ve been busy at the same time disappointed because I failed Mr. Ed.

You see, I asked him to let me write some of the events that he goes into and for the very special event that I had asked him to let me in, I wasn’t actually able to show up.

I was on the event venue 2-3 hours earlier but had to leave and that’s when I guess it affected my credibility with him. I wasn’t able to text him and respond immediately which of course, I guess made him mad.

Everyone gets mad when they get stood up.

I said I was sorry as I ran into an emergency but he never responded… and the invitations for events to write stopped coming.

I reflected on it for awhile, I remember always thanking him for letting me have the opportunity to always write for him. He was really nice. He always checks if I enjoyed the event he gave me or If I had somebody with me especially if the venue is quite far.

I was happy because he was letting me see things and write them off with all my heart. He was even publishing it on his website.

Still I failed him. I am wanting to contact him again and say sorry but I am really shy.

I’ve let a person down.

It’s been weeks and I can’t get it off my subconsciousness.

How do you actually apologize to a professional that have given you an opportunity??? I know I really disappointed him big time because  I know how important that event is to him…


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