February 28, 2014

We had lots of food at the office in lieu with the January and February celebrants.

We ate a bit then went to fetch Souris.

She had a session with her PT regarding her stiff neck which was actually caused by the wrist issue she had last January.

It took awhile for her to complete it because of her work schedule.

Now she has 3 remaining sessions to complete.

She had her friend Jibay with her. Jibay is actually her log in name, her real name’s Joanna Ibay 🙂

We talked for quite a while then after Souris is done with her theraphy, we separated ways with Jibay. She had to go to Megamall and we already wanted to go home and eat.

We basically spent Friday resting over movies and snacks because Souris had a split rest day of Thursday and Sunday, she still had work for tomorrow which is a Saturday.

I hope you enjoyed your Friday night, whether you’re alone, with a date or friends and family.


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