Unfriend – Indie Film – Is Social Networking really good for our generation?



Current. Moving. Real.

I looked around and read some articles regarding this Indie film and all seems to highlight the importance of proper usage of Social Networking.

I must admit it is essential and is one of the main lessons of this film.

Nowadays, you can learn anything from just a click of a mouse. Whether it may be specific or not,important or irrelevant, we have smart search engines who could give you all the facts that you need relating to your inquiry and more.

You could learn techniques, tutorials and have your questions answered by merely watching videos or reading them from websites.

Informative, yes very much specially if you’re a student but to a bothered mind of a young lad… it is very dangerous.

This film was able to go full circle on how a child’s mine would go beyond the limit when with a broken and unguided heart. On how a young gay, without fallback could break into pieces and forget the significance of his existence.

Gay love is special, unique and just like hetero love — unexplained.

The love was there from her guardian grandmother (Boots Anson Roa), and from time to time Skype calls of her mother but it doesn’t actually suffice the love that David (Sandino Martin) is looking for and was able to get it for a period of time from Jonathan (Angelo Ilagan).


The movie getting an R-18 from the MTCRB was very concerning because I know for a fact that this could be watched by people younger than 18 years old and I am afraid that this might give them an idea of how unrequited love can be and should be handled.

But hopefully it will enlighten them to not waste their life and divert their attention into something better and more meaningful.

This also woke up thoughts from my subconscious mind on how dangerous it can be nowadays, up to a point where you don’t actually know what the person beside you has up on their sleeves.

It is quite edgy and disturbing for me but what can I say, it is real and a lesson can really be learned from this.

This independent film has been recognized in Berlin’s Panorama Film Fest because of its story and the intriguing facts behind the inspiration of the film.

Mind boggling as it is, it actually opened my eyes and made me more sensitive as to how I should treat other people around me.

You’ll never know as to when a person is already crying out for help behind the smiles that they are giving out.

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Unfriend boasts of a mixture of veteran and upcoming actors in the persons of Ms. Boots Anson Roa, Sandino Martin and Angelo Ilagan. It is distributed by Solar Entertainment Corporation. Showing on February 26, 2014 at your favorite theaters.


So what do you think?

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