February 24, 2014


It’s very seldom I don’t get my job done right away, I always like to do it ASAP.

So today wasn’t really my day because my emails were overflowing!!!

I just usually take deep breaths to make sure I don’t get stressed.

Around noon I receive an invitation from Ms. Emy about the Premier Night of the Indie Film Unfriend, which is just fresh from the Panorama Film Fest in Berlin. I had second thoughts if I had to go, so I asked Souris and she said yes!

So around 2PM, I went home and slept. We were supposed to meet by 4:30PM at Robinson’s Galleria but Souris was kind enough to let me sleep more and said she’ll meet me home.

We left around 6:30PM and got at the event by 7PM. There were already a lot of people in there so no tables for us, UNTIL a lady called upon us saying we look familiar to her.

She said she was the same person who shared the table with us on the Premier Night of Endless Love. What a coincidence right?!

Her name is Shayne. Such a friendly lady~

Souris said she looks like Souris friend named Jecka who also is a writer but more for clothes and accessories.

I am familiar with Jecka since I was suppose to meet her when Souris needed to help me buy some accessories last year and funny enough she really looks like her!

It was a really tiring day yet another experience 🙂

Will do a write up for the movie later on.


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