February 23, 2014

Sunday!!! Bike Day!!!

Since we were kind of disappointed we actually just slept off our morning for Saturday, we promised ourselves to wake up early and go biking!

I first made sure our personal laundries were soaked while we’re gone. Then off we go!!!

It was the perfect weather! The sun wasn’t too hot, the air is like a cool mist. It was perfect. I am not a very good biker but Souris was there to assist me and we really had fun! Fun! Fun!


And yes, we haven’t bathe. We just brushed our teeth and washed our face and left the house. It was early in the morning. Don’t judge! Haha

1920464_802338016447855_1690361782_n 1947847_802338133114510_1089120497_n

For our last turn, I requested to have the song Safe and Sound played on the phone while we bike and it really soothes the scenario. We were really happy yet I know it’s just a simple thing to bike off on a weekend.

Afterwards, we hear ourselves asking to have Jollibee again, but since we love the lunch that her Tito (Uncle) cooked for us we decided to just have a snack. She ate Jolly Spaghetti and I had Yum Burger.

When we got home, we ate… ALL OF IT! It is called giniling with sayote. Go google it.

Then we kind of slept off again and woke up around 4:30 PM. We had to leave (still haven’t taken a bath, go ahead laugh) and buy sawdust for my dog, so I went to our house and gave it to my mom and a to-do list for my little sister to follow to take care of Ysobel.

Afterwards, we decided to eat at… guilty as charged…. to eat at Jollibee again! Hahaha We ate 2-piece Spicy Chicken with 2 side dish buttered corn and mashed potato and Jolly Spaghetti and Choco Sundae. Burrp!

The church was across so we went to the Adoration Chapel to pray then walked, stopped by to buy a DVD then walked again going home.

I finished our personal laundry then she dried it off and cleaned the room. That’s when we finally took a bath and rested.

I enjoyed how our weekend went. Although my butt really hurts from sitting on the bike. HAHAHA


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