February 22, 2014

Happy Saturday!

Saturday was well planned. We started off with cooking our planned breakfast.

It’s very rare we get a decent breakfast in the morning when we leave for work so we’re really happy we get to have one on weekends. We cooked bacon, cheese dogs and fried rice in oyster sauce. I also gave her a surprise Choc-o which she loved! And gave her Mango Bravo for dessert, again a surprise 🙂 but she couldn’t finish it off she was so full. She loves bacon so much which made her eat a lot.

1601157_802338279781162_1546495294_n 1970611_802338323114491_2054422206_n

Afterwards I know we were suppose to do something important in our well-planned Saturday, but after taking a rest and watching a movie… I think we were suppose to go Bowling or Swimming BUT We fell asleep again! And woke up around afternoon.

We of course played around before we realized we needed to leave the house and go somewhere as it is what the society claims as productive and a do-to for couples.

We couldn’t think of anywhere to go or where to eat, so we settled for Capitol Commons. We first tried getting into The Tipsy Pig but it was damn full so we couldn’t do anything but choose the restaurant across it which wasn’t as lively as The Tipsy Pig but was relaxing enough.

We decided to get a bottle of beer while thinking where to eat or go next.

1618643_802338193114504_324139292_n 1898076_802338233114500_1140456606_n

Funny enough we admitted to each other we were craving for Jollibee (which sparked a series of Jollibee visits for this weekend). She was craving for a Jolly Spahetti while I on my end wanted a Spicy Jollibee Chicken Joy. Oh, we were like kids craving for Jollibee!

After satisfying ourselves, we were suppose to drink but ended up getting a massage at One Body Spa, a newly opened spa near our place.

It was a really good massge, had myself and body rejuvenated. When we got home we exchanged stories for awhile and I decided to catch some Zzz’s while she stayed up for awhile.

It was a well spent Saturday, we did what we really wanted to do after all.


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