February 20, 2014

We ate at Mesa Filipino Moderne for dinner after accomplishing our grocery.

It was really good. We ate Squid in its own ink and Scallops in buttered garlic and had Mango Shake to devour.

We were really tired because it has been a long day after all so she looks like this while waiting for the food.1901287_801018399913150_1519688536_n

And yes, this glass is interesting. “The Leaning Glass”

1656176_801018433246480_846766448_n 1896812_801018366579820_289633534_n

We ate and loved it although we asked for more chili’s to be provided.

1782093_801018246579832_997433986_n 1656106_801018273246496_1532277251_n



1969227_801018186579838_1915384674_n 1010974_801018116579845_2119182558_n

I was given some bad news today by my Mom. I cried but I really thanked Souris for being there and supporting me. Always cheering me up.


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