February 17, 2014

Oh Manic Monday!

Indeed it was a really tiring day but it doesn’t mean you have to slack off and bring that home.

I passed by Conti’s to buy Mango Bravo. Then went to the Cathedral’s adoration chapel to say a little prayer. I was supposed to meet Souris there as well but after 45 minutes of waiting I decided to leave. It’s not because I was already impatient.

Unlike other people I wait patiently, as FIlipino’s say “Mahaba ang pisi...”

The thing that I can’t take was that 2 guys tried hitting on me on different occasions while waiting for Souris inside the church! Imagine that! To my disappointment I left, with my knees and hands shaking.

I came home by 4:45 and immediately texted her that I already went home. Little did I know by the time she got the text she was already in the church. She said her boss had sent back an email expecting her to find out which had gone wrong on a script of one of the website’s of her client and she had to stay for an hour to figure it out.

By the time she was done she hurriedly hailed a cab, feeling sorry I waited for so long.

When we saw each other at her house to my surprise she also bought me my favorite Dunkin Donut munchkins! Awww!

While eating dinner, I surprised her with the slice of Mango Bravo and ofcourse it lit up her face and smiled. She devoured it! Hahaha 🙂



I’m really happy I make her happy.

She went out and bought tagalog DVD’s for me to watch. I don’t watch tagalog movies so everytime she tells me an old tagalog movie, I can’t really relate and she lets me watch them and appreciate.

It’s was a tiring but happy day.

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