Endless Love – Sets inspiration to the young generation to still believe in TRUE LOVE



Oh young love. Oh first love.

The kind of love that you’ll fight and persevere. Being recklessly inlove with all it’s possibilities and promises. The ideas, dreams and feelings that you never knew you’d feel or even existed is more than the feeling of having an adrenaline rush. It’s like your own personal heroine If I may put it into words and the film was able to catch that thought and narrate it throughout the entire film.


From hiding together in the closet, sneaking out late at night after your parents have gone to sleep, attending a summer fest concert, water fights, trespassing a zoo to play hide and seek and riding in the carousel with your closest friends, everything just seems to be at bliss!


The story is quite contemporary but is also able to relate it to the novels of star-crossed lovers who’ll do whatever they can to be together, the theme being used from way back Shakespeare’s era still has it’s way in the 20th Century.

My favorite part was when David Elliot (ALEX PETTYFER) promised Jade Butterfield (GABRIELLA WILDE) to make the best 10 days of their lives before they separate being Jade had to go to an internship for the summer as a ticket to Medical School which was preferred by her Dad.

Graduated from the same High School, both lived different lives, Jade as a well off girl who has her future planned for her while David works at his Dad’s shop and doesn’t have any plans of going to college even though having SAT score of 20/29.

All they have is the idea of how love can be and is supposed to be. Setting aside all the hardships that life has to offer, the two of them believes that as long as there is love everything will be okay and enduring.

Th films also touches on different aspects of love:

-to a couple who has been married for so many years — being that Jade’s parents are together but aren’t doing well. David knowing that Jade’s father has an affair and has to keep the secret because it would break Jade’s heart in the idea that her family is happy and intact.

-to a single parent,David’s Dad has been left by their mother and his Dad never being interested to love anymore and is raising David in the best ways that he could.

-to a child, Christoper Butterfield was Jade’s brother who died, having someone lost especially a child for a parent is devastating and would have your parents be overprotective and still cling on to the image and dreams of how their child wanted to be. The mistake was Jade’s parents trying to pass it on to Jade and her brother Keith. Comparing them and not living by the moment of what their children really wanted to be happy.

-to an ex lover, Jenny who happens to be the past lover of David doesn’t give up easily and tries to finds ways to have David back. She will go through extreme measures just to break the love apart.



I appreciate the diversity of the story yet all points out into one thing acceptance and finding your true love.

Whether it may be going back to the love you had 40 years ago when you and your husband were just dating, or getting love for the first time, the love you need for yourself to accept when things are already over, the love you need to focus to when you’ve lost someone dear to you…

The soundtracks used are nice and easy to listen to, knowing it has already been a hit in the US by now.

See links below and feel free to listen to them 🙂

Don’t Find Another Love

Addicted to Love

Overall I loved it! As what the production team had said “it’s about love in its broadest terms.”



Universal Pictures presents a Bluegrass Films/Fake Empire production: Endless Love, starring Alex Pettyfer, Gabriella Wilde, Bruce Greenwood, Joely Richardson and Robert Patrick.  The film’s music is by Christophe Beck, and the music supervisor is Randall Poster.  The costumes are designed by Stacey Battat.  Endless Love is edited by Maryann Brandon, ACE, and the production designer is Clay Griffith.  The film’s director of photography is Andrew Dunn, BSC.  The executive producers are J. Miles Dale, Tracy Falco.  The romantic drama is produced by Scott Stuber, p.g.a., Pamela Abdy, p.g.a., Josh Schwartz, p.g.a., Stephanie Savage, p.g.a.  Endless Love is based on the book by Scott Spencer, and its screenplay is by Shana Feste and Joshua Safran.  The film is directed by Shana Feste.  ©2014 Universal Pictures.  www.endlesslovemovie.com Twitter: @EndlessLove


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