February 10, 2014

It was a day to remember.

I was really tired but I was looking forward to going home and seeing Souris.

She wasn’t able to go to work because of the excessive pain which wore off after her taking pain relievers by afternoon.

I really don’t want her taking pain relievers and just go through with the ultrasound just so we would already know what the result is but we had to wait until Thurdays 10AM for her schedule.

When I got home I just hugged her tight. I really missed her πŸ™‚ And she hugged back saying she was really bored alone.

I laid at the bed for awhile and we left the house at 5PM heading to Glorietta 4 for the Premier Night of Endless Love.


I was really excited. When we got there we took pictures of ourselves because we were wearing matching Gap jackets.


We noticed there were a lot of freebies like the photobooth which has the same theme for the movies print out, moshi japanese cakes, happy haus donuts which are valentine’s themed.

1625537_795280123820311_1326645186_nThere are also a lot of people which isn’t usual.

Prior to the movie showing a speaker set foot in front announcing that this movie is in lieu with the celebration of the Valentine’s day and on the cinema house as well is the President and CEO of Solar Entertainment, Ely Buendia and Sam Concepcion etc etc then the movie started.

It was a good movie.I loved the exchange of lines about how they describe love and how they will fight for their love.

I didn’t cry within the entire time of the movie because it was light and easy, just the usual kilig feeling πŸ™‚

I was really happy and touched that Souris got my back on this. That she didn’t allow me to go to the event alone even though I was forcing her to stay at home and rest.

In the end it was a happy day, happy happy day ❀



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