February 9, 2014

I was still sleepy when I woke up on a Sunday morning because of Souris moving in and out of the room.

We were suppose to meet my friends Tessa and her partner at their house after our Sunday morning mass but Souris was quite disturbed… it was her first day.

She kept telling me it really hurts so bad that she kept curling and grunting on the bed. She has a low tolerance for pain which makes it even harder for me to see her like that.
I cooked Lomi for her to eat so she could take some pain reliever.

It hurts so much she couldn’t even eat anymore. She took 3 sips of the soup and said she couldn’t take the pain and asked for the pain reliever. It was 400 mg of Ibuprofen.

We waited for more than an hour and she said the pain isn’t subsiding at all. She told me eventually to ask her Tito to hail a cab and have her taken to Medical City at Ortigas.

I accompanied her. I didn’t know what was happening. I thought it was just the usual dysmenorrhea but it wasn’t.

We came to the hospital, she was seated on a wheel chair and tagged to be attended urgently.

They took CBC and gave her pain relievers through IV injection. She eventually fell asleep. I was jsut beside her waiting for her to wake up again, hoping this time she would smile and not cry because of the pain.


I was in contact with her sister the entire time until she had arrrived at the hospital.

When Souris woke up she was advised to be referred to an OB Gyne. Then etc etc.

While she was away and her sister went to church and said she’ll be back, I was alone at the ward so I played Flappy Bird 🙂 i was trying to beat the entire time the High Score that Souris had set.

And eventually I was able to!

1897834_794657880549202_978432606_n 1897830_794681553880168_844160593_n

I bought her a happy meal which she has been wanting this entire week. She was really happy with the happy meal toy 3D drinking glass Emmet.

She was groggy but still smiling when it was time to leave.
She’s really a brave girl and I love her for that.

I hope she’ll be fine.

We got home around 2:30 – 3:00 PM. We ate a little bit and watched DVD then slept and rested the entire evening.

Life is really short that is why health is wealth.
I really don’t want her condition to get worst.


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