February 8, 2014



We woke up early and were really excited to leave.
At around 7:30 AM we were already up on a Saturday.
I took a bath early as if I was going to work.

All you have to do is guess now what time we left the house…

From 7:30 AM, we left the house 5:30PM.

We kept postponing leaving the house until we realized it was already afternoon.

Good thing was we actually have a screenshot of the movie schedule.

We left 5:30PM, being that the movie is still 7:50 Souris decided to have her hair trimmed.

We left at around 6PM and ate at Shakey’s because I was craving for pizza. So we basically ate pizza and buffalo wings.


And then looked for Dunkin Donuts because I was craving for the Choco Honey glazed for dessert. Passing by the stalls, Souris gasp shockingly and stopped at the stall named “Fruitas Ice Candy”.

Souris was in a trance for a few seconds hahaha!

We ended up buying 5 of the ice candy!

Then off to the movie house. The movie was funny and we enjoyed it a lot.

Kids would love it! Especially the ones who play Lego!

We were envious of the Lego’s! Hahaha


It was really a fun day. I am happy that it’s been almost 10 months since we started going out and nothing has changed in regards the fun, goofiness and playfulness we’ve always had eversince we were friends.

Such a good partner!


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