February 5, 2014

“Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions.”
Dalai Lama

A sleepy Wednesday is what I had as I came home 3:30 AM from Marikina last Tuesday night.

The only thing that I was happy about work was that I was able to finish my reports due that day πŸ™‚ Happy bear!

After I got off work, I asked my pack mate Jacob to come with me to take my Ysobel at the vet for a check up on her somewhat allergy.

I was really glad it was just in Β a mild stage as of the moment and she was just given topical treatment and a cone to make sure she doesn’t scratch it.

Afterwards, I rode off to Garnet Rd to meet Souris. She bought me the chocolate cake (at Highlands Coffee) she kept mentioning the past few days which she said was really good even if she wasn’t a chocolate lover. Then bought me some cream puffs (at Mr. Park’s Bread & Cake) as well and that’s when we really went to the mall… and ate at Mangan.

We ate Bulalo which is one of my favorite dishes. I have a lot of favorites, I eat a lot!

Afterwards, we did a few grocery shopping and went home, we were really tired.

While waiting for the car pool, Kuya Buddy approached us, one of the BarkersΒ in the terminal, gave us a movie pass for 2 for the movie I, Frankenstein.Β We were touched. Such a thoughtful person!

Anyway, the moment we got at the car pool, I instantly had my eyes shut the entire trip and only woke up after I heard the driver asking us if we were also going to be dropping off at Rotonda.

I shrugged Souris beside me and told her to wake up as we are already near.

It was a really tiring day but my favorite part was actually having dinner with her.

We were happy, we said grace before taking our meal, we had a good laugh about our stories. It was really a very productive day.


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