February 4, 2014



Tuesday has been a very long day for me.

I went to work and followed up on all my reports that needs to be done then stayed for overtime for more than an hour and so.

Traveled going to Robinson’s Galleria and waited for an hour and 30 mins for Souris to get off from work and we could both go together to Marikina.

We arrived at Marikina almost 8 in the evening with my body pains because of the first day of my menstruation. (Ewww).

The reason being for our rendezvous is to help out Souris’ cousin Kris to finish up the video and edit up some pictures that will be used for the wedding of her sister.

It was actually nice but I felt some what outcast for some time until we started working out on the photos and video.

We finished at around quarter to 3 in the morning, which is actually an hour and a half before my alarm rings for me to get up, take a shower and go to work. (Zombie mode)

I told myself I was just going to rest until the alarms rings… darkness…

I hurriedly got up and turned the alarm off with a gasp of air and shocked face, the next words that came out of my mind was… “7 o’clock na?!?!?” (“It’s already 7 o’clock?!?!?”)

I wanted to cry but life goes on…  I was 2 hours late at work.


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