Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones — gave me a sleepless and restless night.


The Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones is the 5th installment of the horror movie franchise Paranormal Activity.

The Marked Ones is about first born sons being marked until the day they are called upon by a demonic cult that appears to be gathering an army of possessed young men.

Once you’ve been marked the series of explainable events start happening until the first born won’t be able to control himself anymore leading to hurt or worst kill other people.

Jesse, the main character in this found footage dated June 2013, a newly graduated Latino who lives in Oxnord, California curiously enters and investigates the house of her murdered neighbor Anna.

Along with best friend Hector, they found things that would indicate why Anna was being called upon as Bruha or a witch.

Black magic rituals, book of spells, a journal discussing about temporal doorways that lead people to evil sites –Yet the weirdest things were the picture of Jesse himself and several VHS tapes—including tapes from the childhood of Katie and Kristi from Paranormal 3.

When he woke up the next day, an unknown mark has been found on his wrist (which may seem like a bite of an animal) which caused him to do things like throwing thugs to the air even though barely touching them, being able to float half way of his body through the air (like he defies gravity) and having a “Simon” toy only answer and work to his yes or no questions – he and his best friend initially believed it was all superhuman abilities.

Believing he is on fire and invincible, he crashes a party and later the night gets to go home with 2 girls along with his best friend. With no place to make out, crazy Jesse then decides to have them do it inside Anna’s house.

While trying to ready himself, her hook up girl waits on the empty room until she hears sound coming in from below the floor. She finds an opening and tries to pull it up, glimpsing through the dark space below her, Oscar (suspected killer of Anna) Suddenly emerges and tries to pull the hook up girl down.

The hook up girl was able to struggle and free herself.  She immediately runs and screams alerting Jesse.

When Jesse came out, Oscar confronts him with big black oily eyes… I was already scared as hell by this part of the movie.

Oscar shows and indicates that they bought have the same mark, saying it couldn’t be stopped and he will soon be like Oscar and the only way to stop hurting other people is to kill himself.

As he try to chase the screams in panic outside their compound, the body of Oscar drops from above going down a car just in front where Jesse is standing.

With this encounter, Jesse’s mind emerge with questions of why…how…who…

Why is this happening to him?

How can he make it stop?

Who can help him get through this?


This movie really scared the hell out of my mind and heart. I admit I am a scaredy-cat so basically I was scared the entire movie.

I wasn’t able to sleep well the night after watching it and had to go half day at work because I was so sleepy and not in myself.

Yes, I know it’s such a loser mode although film critics have given average reviews of the movie.

I don’t know what is scary with them or if they are really as brave as Hercules all i know is that,

And I swear to my grandmother’s grave, people were screaming on the top of their lungs while watching

The movie inside the cinema, people were screaming as if it was them being possessed or attacked and 2 movie goers

Had to cut the movie short and throw up because it was that damn hell scary.

Will Jesse be able to save himself?

When will I get through my hang over from this movie?

Will you be able to handle this movie?

Are you brave enough?

Are you included with the Marked Ones?…

Paranormal Activity: Marked Ones is directed by Christopher Landon and is distributed by United International Pictures through Solar Entertainment Corporation. Showing on January 29, 2014 at your favorite theaters.

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