Mumbai Love – Solenn Heusaff & Kiko Matos – International Love!!!


Mumbai – Philippines, these are the locations relating to the main characters of the romantic comedy movie Mumbai Love, which teamed-up It-girl Solenn Huesaff and upcoming star Kiko Matos.

 The love story revolves around two people, living in two different worlds, languages, tradition and beliefs but disregards everything to be with their one true love.

 Nandhi, an outgoing and hopeless romantic Mumbai locale who doesn’t believe in arranged marriage and puts faith in giving love a chance by taking the risk and looking out for the girl of her dreams.

 Ella, lovely and free spirited, who was sent to Mumbai together with office mate Marco to scout for inspirations and different designs and fabrics.

 As destiny swirls their paths together, to their surprise, both can speak a common tongue – Tagalog!

They found each other irresistible and accompaniment very warming to their hearts. 


Nandhi tours Ella to the best attractions in Mumbai as they get to know each other more and seemingly fall in love. And as fate may have its way, Ella leaves the night after their sweet escapade as their stay in Mumbai was shortened by their Boss in Manila.

 With no addresses, cellphone numbers or last names exchanged both are lost and longs to find each other again. And that’s when the love joyride truly begins!


I love how the production actually took their risk by coming up with an unusual set of characters and story.

 Both cultures- Filipino and Indian are known for their assets and nowadays co-exist and live amongst each other in their respective countries yet racial criticisms still exist.

 Filipinos, being superficial of how badly the Indians smell, they’re beliefs and their famous micro-financing business called 5-6 are usually the sought after ridicule they site for the Bombayites.

 The movie not only showed how love can exist in the most unexpected ways but also tapped on the issue that Bombayites aren’t to be ridiculed after all.  Their micro-financing 5-6 helps Filipino locales who can’t be approved by the government of their loan to start up their own businesses and that they are not swindlers of sort. All being a matter of how business is done.

 We all have our different insights on this matter but the fact that the movie was able to tell the story in a way that nobody gets to be sided and all becomes fair is a kudos. It’s hard enough to be tell a love story and segue people in having an open mind about cultural differences.

 I’m not sure if this will be as appealing to the mass like the usual love stories that the film industries offer but it’s a breath of fresh air so why not give it a shot and watch with your family or friends?

 I think it’s also a good choice they selected Solenn as the lead actress which also showed another side of her to the mass and is able to perfect her craft as she usually portray roles of a fashionista or a rich sophisticated girl. In this movie you will see her as a girl next door, who mingles, dances and plays with her neighbors. Who wears jeans and roams around the streets and plus more practice for her to speak fluent Tagalog.

 Kiko on the other hand, although a new name for an actor to my eyes has already appeared in “Babagwa” and also auditioned for Sonder which took Honorable Mention award in the Short Films Category during the 25th Gawad CCP para sa Alternatibo at Video. He’s also not an Indian for the record but a pure Pinoy who just happens to look like an Indian which made him land for the role. As for me, he actually acts better than the pore less teenager guys we have on TV nowadays.


The movie all in all is fun, kilig and can be seen with your entire family and friends!

 “I’ve been waiting for some time

Trying to get you off my mind

But I know it’s no use

Cause you feel so right for me” – Until the Sunrise OST Mumbai Love sung by Solenn Heusaff

 How will love find its way in this 3,185 mi distance?

Will destiny play its part for them to meet again?

And even if they meet again, will Nandhi’s parents accept Ella to their family and give blessing to their love?

And will Ella’s family accept that she will be in a relationship with a Bombayite?

 How can this surreal love survive?

 Mumbai Love is directed by multi-awarded director Benito Bautista and is distributed by Solar Entertainment Corporation. Showing January 22 at your favorite theaters.

Photos from Premiere Night:

1530410_780473941967596_1827448150_n 1551496_780472005301123_1646824386_n 1551457_780471485301175_1461392506_n

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