Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit


Intelligence is a weapon.

If your into Wall Street, Stocks Exchange, Undercover agents trying to have a decent love life and CIA-world-saving-agendas then this movie is for you!

I was lucky enough to watch the first movie screening of Jack Ryan : Shadow Recruit in the Philippines that was held at IMAX Theater Mall of Asia last January 13, 2014.

Jack Ryan is from Tom Clancy’s CIA analyst hero character who has survived even though being played by several castings like Alec Baldwin in “The Hunt for Red October,” Harrison Ford in “Clear and Present Danger” and “Patriot Games,” and Ben Affleck in “The Sum of All Fears.”

Jack Ryan : Shadow Recruit is the 5th installment of this film series and is also a reboot that differentiates it from the previous movies. This movie is not an adaptation as well of any particular Tom Clancy novel but was developed by screenwriter Hossein Amini. 

Jack Ryan (Chris Pine), dropped out of London School of Economics on the day the twin towers got attacked. He then enlisted himself to serve in Afghanistan which also lead to have him seriously wounded during a helicopter mortar attack. 

He was then rehabilitated at Walter Reed hospital to recover from his spine and leg injuries being looked after by his soon-to-be Fiancee, 3rd year undergrad PhD, Cathy Muller (Kiera Knightly). It was also then that Thomas Harper (Kevin Costner), a CIA recruiting naval officer got impressed by his deft analyses of patterns and threats ending up for a job as an undercover analyst to look after terrorists’ financial footprints to prevent any further attacks.

Jack unveils the unusual Russian stock trades and ended up being sent to Moscow where he eventually got promoted as a field agent; not so ready with the changes but full spirited to accomplished the job.

He meets Viktor Cherevin (Kenneth Branagh) who happens to be the master mind of casting a massive economic crisis and embed operative bombs in Lower Manhattan, Wall Street.

As Jack battles through keeping his identity and decoding Cherevin’s recipe for catastrophe, his fiancee Cathy surprises him as she follows her love in Moscow thinking it was all for infidelity.

Will Jack confess his real job to his fiancee? Can Cathy accept tha life that she unknowingly chose? Will the CIA be able to stop Cherevin’s plot to cripple the global economy or will this be another terrorist attack for the mass?

This action thrill movie is indeed like any other thriller movie yet I appreciate that it’s actually a breath of fresh air from the on going demand of sci-fi love stories of vampires, werewolves, half-breeds and so on.

I love action-packed films. Anything I watch that seems to splurge with adrenaline is great for me. I loved the fact that the movie shows patriotism and how one could push himself further to a better outcome as long as they find ways to do so and never give up.

Even though some critics have said it was a usual movie with scenes only showing how to get a data and put it on a usb or send it to  same safe house and that was it, I think we should somehow look on aspects such as the technology they had before from what we are capable to portray in movies nowadays aren’t the same. 

Data aren’t locked anymore in some vault or dungeon that you need to pass through an army before getting the job accomplished. Unlike movies before that we prefer fist fight or guns and explosives, most people prefer how one is capable of fiddling with technology and surfing through the tides of the world wide web. I guess that’s why one of the tag lines for this movie is “Intelligence is a weapon.” I sure hope they looked into that perspective as well in Hollywood.

From time to time it’s great to see movies with car chase, bombs and explosives, fist fights, blood lust and so on but we have to take in consideration that this movie is set differently specially from its previous installments.

Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit is released and distributed by

United International Pictures through Solar Entertainment Corp.

SHOWING on JANUARY 15, 2014.



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