December 29, 2013

And so the laziness continues because of the holiday spirit or maybe it’s just the bed hugging me back…

I was actually picturing the last weekend of my year to be somewhere actively wandering off or some sort.

I was picturing myself to have more sense of style this year or be more pretty HAHAHA Nah! Actually I’m happy because I can proudly say I was way better than I was last year.

Although it’s been months that I have been continuously giving Souris constant pleasure and pain she has been above and beyond in understanding my quirkiness and weirdness. Yes, I am quirky and weird. Sometimes she doesn’t even know what the hell I’m talking about!

I’m happy. I hope it stays that way.

So we went to Mercedes Exec Village and visited her cute cousins to deliver their Christmas gifts from her and her sister Ca.

And then we went out for awhile to eat skewers.


Afterwards we were suppose to meet up with her college friends but they were already going home and had to reschedule.

So we just went off to Kapitolyo to eat. And after long minutes of walking and comparing and decision making where to eat, we settled at Ramen Cool for the 2nd time around.

1527001_770668759614781_872609517_n 1525103_770668879614769_476035610_n 1512566_770668522948138_570376064_n - Copy 1505105_770668602948130_807902507_n - Copy

She didn’t like what I ordered. She doesn’t eat curry. She says it stinks.

Afterwards we ate desert at KFC.

Going home her tummy was really aching and making sorts of sound. Like weird, roaring, grumpy sounds. She was really feeling bad and to top it off I wore her favorite tank top. So was pissed, I guess. She said she haven’t worn it for about 2 weeks already because I keep wearing it. Petty fight.

I slept feeling bad then had a bad dream and kept pushing myself to her until I couldn’t take it anymore and had to open the lights.

I wasn’t able to sleep well. I was scared.

In summary, today, I was basically a companion to her activities.

And I pissed her off by ordering curry and wearing her favorite tank top.

Bad bad girl.

So what do you think?

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