December 27, 2013

1545222_770669459614711_1473529226_nMy usual Friday night or weekend would be at a Spa somewhere having my body aches attended to. Yes, like I’m some kind of a granny to have massages every week. Sometimes even twice a week. I love getting my body pampered.

This Friday was different though. I went home at our house and walked Ysobel (my Siberian Husky) for awhile. Nobody was home to look after her. My granpa couldn’t see anymore and my Tita (Aunt) doesn’t find any delight in dogs.

I had to walk her because we know for sure she’ll sleep afterwards. So I walked her and from time to time we ran together. It’s easier to walk her now than before. And just as expected as I was arranging the things that i’ll be bringing to Souris’ house.

There she was sleeping beside our bed in our room.

I tip toed myself out of the house as she sleeps soundly.

Going to Souris’ house. We just actually played the Friday night through. Competing scores with each other. We always brag about our scores. And since I know she doesn’t read my blog, I’ll admit here she really plays well than I am. I’m just really competitive 😉


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