Letters to M

Love is pure and there are different kinds of love.


Love is unique because no two people are the same.


In this world, with these billions of people, a lot could happen.

The world is vast and scary.


And you wouldn’t want to be alone exploring it.


Nobody wants to be alone.

Nobody wants to be lonely.


All they want is that one true love.

The one that stays.

The one that perseveres.


I remember writing thoughts about you everyday and if not you are always on my sub conscious mind.

It might sound pathetic but I confess I think of you almost every minute of the time.

I remember always being very eager to be with you.

I remember always staring at you and it fills me with relief and content.


I have been loving you everyday of my life.


A lot had happened.

Good and bad.

Thanks for staying with me no matter what.


And I hope we get to stay together for as much as a lifetime.


I really do.


No boundaries. No rules.

No hesitations. No criticisms.

Just love and all will follow through.

Love photography


I had a lump on my throat when I saw this post.

I couldn’t have asked for anything more If I had this kind of love.


The picture already said a thousand words beyond my comprehension.


So enduring and true.

The kind of love I’d hope to give to you.


The love that stays no matter what the season is.

Just a simple sentence but goes all the way.


In the end I’ll show you it was all worth it because I am.






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