December 26, 2013

She wanted to take a photo before we leave the house.

She wanted to take a photo before we leave the house.

We were able to see each other on Christmas Day though we weren’t actually able to pursue our plans. It was minutes before 12 when I saw her. She was really tired. We were in an argument earlier that day because I was out with my pack mates in the wee hours of Christmas Day. It was just a petty fight so nonetheless we still saw each other (I forced and pleaded her to see me! Hahaha) on Christmas Day and we agreed to wander off on December 26th.

We went to Eastwood and went to the ticket line only to find a long queue of movie goers as well. The seats on the movie we were supposed to watch was already full. There were 2 seats available but they were separate seats so we had to take the last full show. To our surprise a couple still took the separate seats just to be able to watch the movie earlier!

After buying the tickets we still had lots of time in our hands and after further discussion where to eat, we settled at Seafood Island.

Hmmm... what to choose???

Hmmm… what to choose???

As I can remember we ordered Shrimp and Mushroom Madness, Adobo Squid and Bagoong rice. She was quite hesitant to let me eat all these seafood at once because of my hypersensitivity but I’ve got my meds ready and besides (I know you’ll hate me for writing this) YOLO. Hahaha!

 We walked for awhile until it was time for the movie. We watch “My Little Bossings” starring Vic Sotto, Ryzza Mae Dizon, Bimby Aquino – Yap, Kris Aquino, Aiza Seguerra, Jose Manalo and Paolo Ballesteros. I was laughing all the time specially that I seldom watch tagalog films but that’s another story.

Souris on the other hand was actively watching as well till the latter part of the movie… she was already fast asleep. Dead tired but still went to watch because I wanted to. Afterwards she was hoping to buy a DVD copy so she could watch the cute little kids in the movie.

I ended up telling her the portions she missed on the way home.

She slept right away when we got home. As for me? I played until the sandman came.


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