December 5, 2013

I love celebrating Christmas parties with the company that I work for. I usually go all out with the themes they come up with besides the fact that I am really competitive.

I am not into fashion so much although a lot of people like dressing me up (perks!!!).

Most of the time I just buy whatever is on the mannequin. Why?

1) It saves time.

2) The mannequin’s size is mostly size Zero or Small (My size).

3) Whatever is on the mannequin is fabulous (My point of view).


But I am just any typical girl. I watch America’s Next Top Model, fashion shows, checks cool and lovely outfits, compliments if I see one I like but in the entirety I have only one bag (brown satchel to be exact, it only gets replaced when it’s all torn and ragged), one watch, no bracelets, one gold tone necklace that I wear everyday (has a crucifix pendant), no earrings, no rings.

I could afford to buy several accessories but I don’t know… I guess I’m not that interested.

So, since the theme for our Christmas party is Neon Punk, which I didn’t voted by the way…



I had to seek advise to Souris. After work we ventured into a mall. Well, technically we ate first. We ate a lot! We were so hungry! Then goofed for some time then decided time is running out and we need to find myself an outfit.

Souris was dead tired but very patient in coming with me. I appreciate it so much.

I easily get side tracked by other things that I see and of course couldn’t stop advising, “Hey! We should just get that entire outfit on that mannequin!” but then again I let Souris’ expertise prevail.

We ended up buying a cropped polo top and a high waist embroidered shorts.



Embroidered Shorts

Embroidered Shorts

Black Velvet Pumps

Black Velvet Pumps


See me wear my outfit on December 6th.

So what do you think?

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