December 2, 2013

I left work an hour early and went to Nuat Thai at the Elements Building (Rosemarie) to make sure we get the deal that we bought at Ensogo.

There were some mishaps regarding the deal because of misleading description from the receptionist, so my partner ended up talking to the owner of the branch and boy was the receptionist damned, which is kind of annoying actually but Souris sorted it out and we were able to get our massage by around 7:30 PM.

We had an Aromatherapy massage and foot massage as well. We love massages!

After that, we were planning to dine out. By plans, I mean we have ideas of what we want to eat. The place where we could eat it is still tentative in our minds.

My partner was whispering places like Tides, Shakeys, Tropical Hut and Kapitolyo (a place where streets are filled with variety of restaurants and delicacies).

Such a fickle minded person. She kept asking me where and what I want to eat little did she know I was super hungry that time I’d eat anything anywhere. (Low main) Hahaha

In the end despite of her asking me where I want to eat (which I actually just suggest the things she suggests) she decided to eat at Tides.

So we rode off on a carpool, paid and after crossing a block decided to go out of the car because we saw Amber’s.

Walking towards the street going to Amber’s, our hearts were filled with hope and joy that we’d be able to eat what we’ve been craving for! Pitchie pitchie with cheese and Pancit Malabon… until we realized we were just standing in front of a closed Amber’s, roller shutters down. Pfft.

We then decided to go to Kapitolyo. Still full of hope!

We walked and saw different restaurants that could cater to our hungry bellies, we even rode down the street as a tricycle driver mentioned there is a good restaurant there serving Pancit Malabon.


Alas! Souris started expressing in excitement that this was the place she was telling me about where the Pancit Malabon was really good, Mark’s Bicolog.

But it broke her heart again. As I stepped out the trike, I heard a window shut. I looked at the door and I saw the sign that I wish hadn’t been there to end this search! IT WAS CLOSED!

Souris was still waving to the crew inside the restaurant even while we were going back up the street, she was asking them through hand gestures if it really had close. Poor thing!

We’ll get back there! Soon!

And that’s when we settled at Ramen Cool.

We ordered beef ramen and beef mixed rice.

From Google Image Search

From Google Image Search

From Google Image Search

From Google Image Search

From Google Image Search

From Google Image Search

From Google Image Search

From Google Image Search

From Google Image Search

From Google Image Search

And we went home so sleepy.

We prayed before sleeping and thanked how wonderful our day was.

Always smile 🙂



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