November 28, 2013

Walk the Walk



I got home around 6:30 PM and decided to have a night walk with Ysobel.

Luckily besides that we have another reason to have that night walk…

Souris told me she got me something and would like to give it to me before going home, knowing that she is sick I told her I’ll just pass by their house and get it with Ysobel.

Little did I know that it was going to be such a long walk!

From our house turning to Kapitolyo Homes and Red Palm I had to carry her whenever she freezes and gets barked at by other dogs.

So I decided to take the route with lesser cars and dogs. But still in the end I think 1/4 of our walk was me carrying her. Haha!

She loves running though side by side with me whenever there’s less cars or other dogs. I love the feeling as well. It makes me happy.

When we got to Souris’ house her Tito got shocked because he thought I was only bringing a toy type dog. Souris as well was shocked because Ysobel was just little the last time she saw her.

Then she gave me what became the highlight of my day: CUSTARD HOPIA from Eng Bee Tin.


She gave me two packs of these.

Why am I delighted is because you only get to buy them mostly in Ongpin, Manila which is far from Pasig. Their branch in Greenhills has been far gone and the other nearest one is in Pasay. So when I get to eat this I am very grateful and in heaven!!!

She bonded with Ysobel for awhile. Gave her water and Fita. I told her to feed Ysobel on her palm. At first she panicked but later on calmed to Ysobel. She may look like a badass dog but she’s really sweet and calm.

Afterwards I borrowed money from her for fare. I told her that I can’t walk home anymore! Hahaha

In total, I got several unintentional scratches from Ysobel because of her panicking in the streets but its okay. She was happy and slept well when we got home.




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