November 27, 2013




Someday I’ll look back on these trials and smile with my head up high saying I never gave up and I made it.

No more hesitations. No good will come to you if you only think of drama and negative things.

Happiness is what you make out of it.

I am scribbling freely whatever goes on my head right now.

So if my sentences do not make sense please forgive me.

I want no more complications and drama.

I want love. I want life.

I want to live everyday of my life without hesitation and doubt.

I want to appreciate more of the things that life has to offer.

I won’t let sadness take over me because I have people who loves me dearly and I thank them for trusting me with their love.

Only a few people are important in my life because I am very keen in sharing what I feel, so to all the people whose in my life and is not giving up on me and is continuing to believe… Thank you.

It makes my heart smile.


So what do you think?

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