November 24, 2013

Doggie Fun Fair

Year 2

I guess it was fated that on Ysobel’s Thursday walk with my sister that she be found by Jacob and Storm at the city plaza and be invited to the Pasig City Siberian Husky pack.

Ysobel is my 7 month old female Siberian Husky who was spotted by Jacob owner of Storm, one year old male Siberian Husky, at the plaza on their night walk and thought they weren’t member of the pack yet. Good of him to approach my sister, gave his number and advised to contact me and join the pack for activities to be enjoyed by our fur kids.



It was a fun filled event and I know Ysobel enjoyed for sure. Morning of that Sunday I got to meet the other members before we went off to the event that Sunday afternoon. See photos and I hope you enjoy looking at them as much happiness I had bonding with my Ysobel. All smiles to all of us ❤


1479503_10201590556623037_1718068910_n 1459265_10201592467470807_259258131_n 1456645_10202341135390781_887928536_n 1424284_10201592466710788_323379678_n 1393589_10201592463430706_1255279506_n 1465352_10202339779636888_1307768136_n 1454860_10202341144231002_1394293365_n 1441277_10202341143670988_878542691_n 941861_10202341150991171_987615757_n


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