November 20, 2013

I got out at the office 10 minutes after 2PM. Queued to a carpool going to SM Megamall to do groceries and because it is located (the carpool) at Market! Market! it’s very rare they get passengers going to SM Megamall. Pffft.

In short I got to SM Megamall past 4PM. I met Souris there 🙂 we were suppose to do my groceries first but because of her sense of urgency to fill her stomach with food to burn and she has a side effect of being grumpy when hungry, we decided it’s best to eat first.


We ordered one pound of Buffalo Wings with New York’s finest dressing (Medium hot and spicy; fair enough ) with two dirty rice (has salsa on top; not dirty) and some fries (yum). See below and east with your eyes:

dsc00900 IMG_0604 DSC_0392 bwnt_menu2

Afterwards, we had some sweets courtesy of Chewy Junior just across were we ate late lunch… late lunch 4PM. Haha


IMG_1449 IMG_0005


Afterwards, I passed by Forever21 and bought some things while Souris patiently (impatiently) waited. Haha

Then off to the supermarket we go. Fooling around and playing.

After two and a half hours, we grew tired and decided to go home and get a massage at a nearby spa. Thus…



Unfortunately there’s no photos.

It’s just a small comfy spa in Kapasigan. 🙂

And that was it.

Thank you for reading.


“I decided to be happy because it is good for my health.”


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