Pray for the Philippines | Storm “Maring” plus westerly winds = Calamity and flood

As I have mentioned on my previous blog, my first day at work was cut short because of a storm coming and not only that it is accompanied by westerly winds making it a very strong storm.

I got home around noon of August 19th and found out that my mom who left early for work was also sent home and classes were suspended as well. As I went online. I saw on my newsfeed pictures of my kababayans experiencing Maring’s dilemma.

I wasn’t able to sleep well that night because our house is just near the Pasig River, For the past 2 years our location has been not new to being flooded but I was.

Everytime things like this happen I was either living at another house that wasn’t flooded or it was my dormitory days when I was in college.

I wwoke up around 6:30-ish in the morning of August 20th only to find out from  our maid that the rain was nonstop all night long. With its intensity I was about to wake up my brother and ask him to take my dresser somewhere higher.

The weird  thing is all my siblings were still sleeping and our maid? Doing her usual schedule of laundry (at this kind of weather). Dang! I was the only skeptic one at the house.

To make the long story short it rained since the weekend and up until this afternoon of August 21st, as I am writing this, I am not seeing any drops of rainfall anymore. We weren’t flooded and I am thankful for that but what Maring has left devastated thousands of homes and lives  of my kababayans and my prayers goes to them.

The good trait that we Filipinos have is that no matter how bad the situation is we always and I mean always manage to give a smile to anyone who needs.

And help poured out… unity was shown like it always have been.

Yes, our country isn’t perfect. We have a lot of issues about corruption, poverty, education etc but I have hopes for my country. An undying hope that our heroes and  ancestors believed, fought and cultivated.






And help was on its way…


There are a lot of other photos or links I could include here but it wouldn’t be enough to show how united we are and how we believed we’ll get through this.

All I know is that We are surely blessed.


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