Jan 1st

Unlike other people who are still on vacation she was already on a shift later that evening.

She would’ve applied for a vacation leave like what other people do but she thought it would be so boring to spend another day inside her room.

Just like Christmas eve and Christmas day nothing was different with New year’s eve… she slept.

She was sleeping when everybody else were having Noche Buena and Medya Noche with their family and loved ones.

She slept through the day when everyone was out visiting their Ninong‘s and Ninang‘s for aguinaldo.

She was the same the day everybody was excited to welcome the year 2013.

She never left her room. She was just there the entire week.

Surfing the internet, watching movies, eating… eating… eating, looking at the pictures of people who had received their gifts and how they spent their holidays. reading their statuses of how happy they were.

She was okay with all the celebration, she’s not that negative about anything or gloomy about something.

That’s just how she was. Alone. Alone and okay.

Nevertheless, she looks forward to spending a happy holiday, she just doesn’t want to have that right now.

And she’s okay.

She was 5 minutes early for her shift for the first day of the year.

Surprise… surprise for Ms. Punctuality!

Nothing was new with the scenery.

She went through the day as how it was supposed to be.

I guess by now you’re thinking she’s such a boring-dead kid-pessimist girl…

You’re probably right, she wouldn’t even bother proving she’s not.

But if you’re free, try asking her out.

You’ll see…


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