Silk Scarf | Aloe Moistful | AC Clinic Daily Toner (Etude House Products)

Hello darlings,

I’d  like to share some of the recent beauty products that I have bought  in Etude House.


The 3 things that I bought on my last visit there were Silk Scarf (Repair Hair Essence), Aloe Moistfull First Essence and the AC Clinic Daily Toner.


I picked them up from the rest of the other stuff because I’ve already tried the Toner from their AC Clinic line and fell in love with it along with the Aloe Moistfull First Essence.

  • AC Clinic Daily (Toner)


I have purchased a trial pack of this line prior to purchasing the big ones, better be sure right? And above all what I loved was the Toner. Yes, it still does have the medicine-like smell on it but as far as using it I have not been having problems on my pores 🙂 thus less of those white heads as well. I highly advice you use this if you have oily skin and tends to break out easily. This is also non-comedogenic so it won’t clog your pores.

  • Aloe Moistfull first essence

I had a trial bottle on this one for purchasing the Aloe Moistfull Moisturizer.


After talking to my derma, I then knew that I wasn’t supposed to use moisturizers on my face because I was already oily rather I should use gel type. So I haven’t been using the moisturizer for months now and focused on using the first essence which I am a FAN of! Yes! It doesn’t only make my skin feel so soft and smooth and smell so clean, the thing that I love about it most is it actually makes my face supple! I love how everytime I wake up in the morning my face looks so fresh and vibrant. Yes, not kidding, cross my heart. This products goes through your skin. I just love it! I apply this after using the AC Clinic Daily Toner.

  • Silky Scarf ( Hair repair essence)

If you want your hair to smell fragrant and smooth and shiny all day long, this has got to be the best product to use.


The first time that I opened and used it was while in a cab hurrying to go to work. I didn’t have enough time to actually fix my hair. By the time that I had opened it and made 2 pumps of this product on my hand and applied it on my hair, the cab was just irresistibly fragrant! The cab driver even thought I applied perfume and wanted to apply some on the seats because it smelled so good and he got shocked when I told him its actually something you apply on your hair. Teehee!

These are the 3 things that I swear worked perfectly great on my skin and hair. All products can be bought on any Etude House branch.

I wasn’t paid for this. I bought this with my own money. And yes, I am just sharing it to help other girls out there ❤



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