Yeah I know, It’s just a picture of me looking down. I hope it sets the mood.


As we all know Christmas day is just a few hours away. Everyone excited to open their gifts, some still worried about their gifts to give, others about which outfit to showcase on Instagram for their holiday outfit and a few wondering if people still know the true meaning of this season… like me!

Well, this is not going to be one of those preach that you here in church don’t worry.

Awhile ago awoke up with the usual morning of checking internet stuff when I ran across this video shared by my friend. It had “Made me cry” caption on it which made me think, who in the hell would want to watch a sad video on the day before Christmas? I didn’t click on the play button first and tried checking the comments just to make sure it wasn’t overly dramatic. I just saw 3 likes and 1 comment. I guess nobody really paid attention on the kinda gloomy video. The comment said “Touching…” fair enough, I pressed play.

Yes, tears fell. I am human anyway. But then I just realized that this little soul actually didn’t ask for something as shallow as a new phone, make up, dress, car etc. She just wants her dad to be with him. I then felt sad that through my news feed all people were just talking about gifts and money and new gadgets they want but only a handful had asked for togetherness within their family. Of everyone appreciating that they will be celebrating Christmas complete and with their loved ones. The longing to be physically with someone and to be able to spend quality time with them has been replaced with the worldly things we think we can’t live without nowadays.

I’m a nobody to tell you what to feel and appreciate this Christmas, you may have another name for this holiday or a different reason to celebrate but once and for all it actually feels good to pause for awhile and reminisce how was our Christmas when we were just all together exchanging stories with our loved ones, laughing and just having genuine happiness. 🙂 It ain’t rocket science.

One day it’ll hit you and you will realize the things that’ll really make you happy in this world are priceless. ❤



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